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The Menu Philosophy.






美味しく、 無駄なく、愛情を込めて仕込みます。

We use local ingredients to make our ramen.

Our primary ingredients from the sea and fields around Victoria

capturing the freshness and flavor.

We shop at local markets while engaging with wholesalers and producers

constantly using the freshest ingredients for our ramen.

They are deliciously prepared by us ensuring the highest quality with little

wastage and most of all with love.


Regarding Ramen

 - Soup -

鶏肉、鶏ガラ、鶏皮、 鶏もみじ 鶏の各部位をじっくり煮込み、熟成させた濃厚な熟成鶏白湯。 ポルチーニ茸、昆布、 椎茸、 香味野菜をたっぷりと煮出したヴィーガン仕立ての野菜だし。 スープはすべて店内で、愛情を込めて、仕込みます。


All parts of the chicken is used, the skin, bones and even the feet. Slowly simmered, extracting all the flavor and richness of the animal, resulting in a thick and unique soup. Vegan-tailored vegetable broth made from porcini mushrooms, kelp, shiitake mushrooms and carefully selected vegetables. All soups are prepared in the restaurant, with love and care.

 - Noodle -

オーストラリアには香り高く、 高タンパクで美味しい小麦がたくさんあります。 もちせい 中でも香り良く、 糯性の高い2種類の小麦を厳選し、 配合。 毎朝、 店内で製麺しています。 1、 小麦玄麦、ライ麦、 キヌアを挽いて、 生地に練り込んだ 「全粒中太ちぢれ麺」 2、 加水率約30% (温度、湿度により調整) で白くてもちもち感のあるしなやかな 「中細平打ち麺」 当店では、上記2種類の麺を使用しています。


Australia has many aromatic, high-protein and tasty wheat varieties. Two of the most aromatic and glutinous types of wheat are carefully selected and blended. The noodles are made in the shop every morning. 1. Combination of whole and brown wheat, rye and quinoa are ground and kneaded into the dough to produce 'whole grain, medium-thick and curly noodles'. 2. "Medium-thin flat noodles" with a water content of approximately 30% (adjusted according to temperature and humidity), white, glutinous and supple. The noodle type is uniquely paired with each ramen bowl.

 - Topping -

脂身と肉のバランスが絶妙な豚肉と、オーストラリアの大地でチョコレートを食べて育った和牛を 桜のチップで燻しながらじっくりと火入れした自慢の 「吊るし焼きチャーシュー」 です。 フリーゲージでストレスなく育てられた鴨肉の低温調理チャーシューもお楽しみ下さい。 味玉は、東京のお店でも大人気の自家製西京漬けをご提供します。


Our pork has a perfect balance of fat and meat combining flavor and tenderness. Australian Wagyu beef raised with a unique blend of feed including chocolate. Our in house signature hanging Grilled Charcuterie is slow-cooked and smoked with cherry chips. o have our unique low-temperature-cooked duck cha-shu (roasted meat) raised stress and cage free. The flavour and texture of the cha-shu is then further enhanced with a light flambé to finish. vitama (ramen egg) is served with homemade saikyozuke (unique Japanese Miso blend), a standard addition in our Mensho Tokyo restaurants.

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